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i've noticed about co-work or commision that i don't want that but some people still give me their requests.
in fact, i'm so tired to take those.
so i think i have to prove my situations.

i'll never ever co-work with a foreign people because there are many problems.

1. i cannot use english very well, i'm a korean.
2. i have a job and i'm busy.
3. i cannot use paypal. it's too difficult to a korean who cannot speak in english like me.
4. i hate that request that i have to work in free, you think am i crazy? it's so so useless.
5. so you had better find a good artist in your country.

nonetheless if you send a messege about co-work to me,
i'll regard you as a idiot or cheater and give some 4 letter word.
I've got a new job as employee in a game company in Korea.

I've found something commercial things about "meeting a new friend" on my reply when I log in DA.

In fact, I feel worse as I log in this site.

1. Some cheaters wanna buy my works as a cheap price or free.
    I cannot help hate them.
    Of course, some of them are developing small-construct game without money. But I cannot understand them because I'm busy and nervous.
I say one more time. don't say me 'co-work or commisions'

2. I've seen some f**king replies 'commercial spam'.
    I know the internet environment is so so dirty in whole country.
    but I don't know here are some scum things.

So I don't like this environment.
co-work with a foreign group or person.


don't say me "commision"
1. I'm so glad because many people visit my gallery and I think it's greatest honor of my life. I'm so happy many people has added my pics to their own favorites.

but, please write reply when you add my pics in your gallery.
Many artists get the energy for next work from the replys.

2. I don't wanna co-work with foreign game development group because there are some problems, for example payment, communications and etc.
and I don't wanna work without payment because I'm a professional.

During using DA gallery, I have seen some cheaters of men without conscience like a thief. of course, I think they have no enough money for checking worker's payment. but that behavior seems to be a theft.

Anyway I think there are many risks for co-work with the foreign people. I'm so sorry about that.
Hello there.

한국에 사는 '리퍼'라고 합니다.
I'm "Reaper" living in korea.

저는 현재 게임 캐릭터 컨셉 디자인 일을 하고 있습니다.
I'm just working for a game character concept design.

아직 부족하지만 열심히 하려고 합니다.
I'm trying to draw better works even though i think i'm not good.

오셔서 제 그림 잘 봐주시고 좋은 말씀 남겨주세요.
Welcome to my gallery and write your good replys for my works.
dear people that like my works,

in fact i don't know how can i upload my pictures in original size because i didn't understand that way.
but i have known that!!
so i'll change my pictures as the original size.

please come and see again!!

Feel the bigger arts!!
I'm a game concept designer and live in South Korea. I think drawing is so suffering but have a something attractive. I'm so glad to work because the god give the ability to me and it's fate for my life.

I cannot speak English very well so I hope many people that visit my gallery help me speak English very well with much conversation.
my MSN address is
If you chat with me, add my e-mail address to your MSN friend list

  • Listening to: hip hop, rock, movie OST and etc.
  • Reading: I usually gain the information in internet
  • Watching: Hollywood Blockbuster Movies
  • Playing: Only...Skateboard
  • Eating: Curry
  • Drinking: Soda Pop